Workshop on Data4Impact Methodology and Indicators

Are you interested in exploring the methods and results proposed by Data4Impact for research impact assessment?

WHEN – June 24, 2019 (10:00 – 17:00)
WHERE – Covent Garden, REA, Brussels

In the information society, data on health-related issues is ubiquitous, yet compartmentalized and hard to synthesize. Our solution to continuously handle the vast amount of data is to aggregate information from different domains to identify ‘topics’ of interest. In turn, these topics can guide the creation of variables that can be used as indicators of relevant themes in the wide discourse. Having variables as time, funding amounts, outputs in terms of publications, patents, products, and impacts on society, together with the actual texts created in different contexts, we have constructed ‘indicators’, that in turn can measure amount of interest, evolution of focus and to be used to evaluate certain aspects of already performed research activities in the health sector. The goal of this workshop is to investigate the conceptualisation of these topical data sources and their combination into useful indicators.

More specifically, in this hands-on, interactive workshop, we aim to receive feedback on the chosen methodology, the coverage and latency/timeliness of the developed indicators, to maximise the relevance for all stakeholders involved (particularly for funding agencies and policy makers).

Workshop registration is by invitation only. Please register with your email address below to attend this event.